Ambition, Determination, Success
Henry Aaron Westbrooks

Henry was born and raised in Rochester, New York. Life wasn't easy, living below the poverty line. He didn't let his disadvantages keep him down. He was a young Entrepreneur with a lemonade stand, learning to make a buck early on.
He was the "Class Clown", always voicing his opinions to the world. He was a diverse student, playing the drums and engaging in many extracurricular activities. Like all young boys he enjoyed basketball, baseball, soccer, skateboarding, as well as video games. Friends were drawn to Henry's zest for life, often being the center of attention in the crowd. His friends looked up to him as a Mentor. As most teenagers do, he did the tedious jobs of fast food restaurants, always setting his goals on developing prosperity. Through meditation and visualization he began to project his goals.
He was smart, creative and goal driven, reaching Honor Roll status throughout his schooling. He had a passion for life, graduating High School at age 17.
He moved forward to a D 1 College, The University at Buffalo to study Communications. His passion for music drove him to perform in front of thousands of students. He worked for the Media Arts department to focus on his craft. At age 21, he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. 
He quickly obtained positions as a SEO Content Writer in Rochester, working for local stations: 98PXY,  WBEE, BUZZ, WCMF,  and ESPN.
He also started selling high-end, luxury fashion apparel with much success. Henry told himself, it was time to relocate to Florida!

In no time,Henry was the CEO of Aye Universal, LLC. He released his first album, City of Palms on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music. Simultaneously, he created Since Birth Entertainment, a photo & video company.
Now, at age 24, Henry is a licensed Florida Realtor, with MVP Realty in Naples.
Henry can't stop, won't stop, until he attains financial freedom. His goal is to become a multimillionaire by age 30. He will travel the world and spread his knowledge of success.
Henry says, " We all deserve choices. I am an example of what believing and achieving looks like."


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